Discover Panama, The Land Between The Seas

Explore the Cultural Crossroads of Panama with me. April 7th through the 15th, 2016.

Panama is an adventure unlike any other. A tropical region that was once third world, today’s Panama is a thriving economy, a popular tourist destination with world-class beaches, and a spectacular country of modern aspirations.

Aerial view of the Panama Canal.
Aerial view of the Panama Canal.

Join me in this spring time adventure to this gorgeous country and see its many wonders. The Panama Canal is only the tip of the Panamanian experience.

We’ll cruise through the canal aboard the Pacific Queen on a partial transit and stay at the Gamboa Rainforest Resort.

This gorgeous bird is a Toucan
Rainforest Resort
The Gamboa Rain Forest Resort

We’ll travel via a dugout canoe to meet the indigenous Emberá people. We’ll learn their ancient culture and explore their village.

We’ll wear life jackets when we board this canoe.


The village
We’ll visit an authentic Embera village and learn about this ancient culture.

Later we’ll explore bustling local markets and we’ll stay in Anton Valley, a community nestled entirely within a volcano crater.


Panama’s Anton Valley

And naturally we’ll tour the Panamanian rainforest and see birds, monkeys, and other exotic wildlife

Yellow Tail Oriole

Visit the historic district in Panama city, Casco Viejo and the Miraflores Locks Visitor Center.


We’ll have a delightful picnic lunch in an orange grove and learn about the importance of Panama’s agricultural history. Later we’ll meet the locals and learn about Panamanian Folklore, and craft local rum distillation in Chitré.


panama city
Panama City


Our last night in Panama we’ll stay in an Ocean View Room overlooking the spectacular Playa Bonita. Panama is an adventure for the senses. So why not join  me?

Panama is home to some of the world’s prettiest beaches.


Call me for more information (864- 993-1955) or for a complete itinerary of this  amazing adventure, please click here.